Agromanager – Spray Book

With the Agromanager Spray Book, treatment registration becomes easier than ever. Link different modules and put together a system tailored to your company’s needs.

REGpro becomes the Agromanager Spray Book.

Together with Fruitconsult, we built a new module in Agromanager: the Spray Book. It helps with registration and does exactly the same as REGpro but then via phone, tablet or PC and it is also available online. Because this module can be linked to additional modules, each company can create its own package.

In order to show you the possibilities of the Agromanager Spray Book, we, together with our partners, have put together introduction days. We go all over Belgium and the Netherlands with the aim to introduce all growers to Agromanager and the Spray Book.

Some features

To convince you of our Spray Book, we have highlighted a number of features below which you will certainly like.


Do you want a clear cultivation overview? That is possible with only one click.

Before we can spray and harvest, the crops have to be registered in Agromanager. To do this, we use GPS coordinates. Is your parcel available digitally? Then you can upload the GPS data and you immediately know where all the rows are located.


Do you want to check the treatment? Believe us, it will be peanuts.

Register your treatments in Agromanager, and they will be checked automatically. Because all legal requirements are included in our database, we do all check-ups for you. Is a treatment approved? Then you can get started immediately.


When was the last spraying again? Check this on the timeline.

The timeline gives you a clear overview of when each treatment has taken place on each crop. You can also consult the treatments by variety. You can then check how many days there have been in between treatments. This way you can schedule treatments even more efficiently.

Automate the import of resources

With Agromanager, it is possible to connect the supplier of your crop protection. This means you can automatically add all collected resources to your stock.

Multiple growers in one account

Does your company consist of multiple cultivation companies? Then you can use the multi-cultivator option. This way you can appoint a grower for each parcel and your tracing will be in order.

200+ companies already chose less hassle. Just like Peter.

“The Agromanager Spray Book is an extensive and clear package. Since all checks are carried out by the system, you do not need to worry as much about the number of applications and the pre-harvest intervals. Planet Proof is also included in the system. All this makes it very easy to meet all requirements.”

Peter De Gendt - P.J.M. De Gendt

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Suggested modules

Do you want to start monitoring all your crops? Do you want an estimation of the harvest based on enumerations? Do you want to register and monitor treatments? Then you need the following modules. These modules contain all the features mentioned above.


Parcels and crops are entered in Agromanager, together with their GPS coordinates.

Spray Book

Sprayings are recorded before or during the process. Inventories of crop spray are kept up-to-date automatically.


Each storage crate can be registered in Agromanager. By requesting reports, you know what has been picked and you can compare with previous harvests.

do you want to combine with other modules? You can!

Together with you, we will create a tailor-made package. This way, Agromanager grows along with your company.

Our price

Do you want to start with these modules? If so, you have to pay a single start-up fee to get started with Agromanager. Afterwards, you have to pay for the modules annually.

Starting from


Annually (excluding VAT)

This price includes following features:

  • Cultivation module
  • Spray Book module
  • Harvest module
  • Company module
Every account gets this for free:
Telephone Support

Support is included in the package price. You can contact us either by mail or by phone.

Daily Backups

Our online environment is backed up daily.

Weekly Updates

We continue to innovate and expand. New features or improvements are made available automatically. You do not have to do anything.

We have combined our experience as fruit growers and our IT knowledge into one online system: Agromanager.

Any questions? Contact us.

Spray book

Are you looking for software that automatically monitors all your treatments?


Do you sometimes lose sight of which crates are located in which cold storages?


Do you, while sorting, miss a waterproof tracing or a clear stock?

Time registration

Is keeping track of all the performed working hours too time-consuming for you?